Engage past employees to boost your brand and recruitment

We help you to unlock the full value of your alumni network

Give past employees a branded app to connect with one another and maintain their connection to your company

Lounjee features

Professional matching

Lounjee's matching algorithm not only suggests who to connect with, but also explains the reasons to connect.


1-to-1 and thematic chats

Alumni match, chat and then meet in person. You can also start group chats based on their interests.


Meetings and events

Target your audience, schedule an event and alumni will be notified in-app.


Branded app

An app with your name and branding, with its own download destination on iTunes and Play stores.


Professional reputation

Identify the active and trusted users in your alumni to identify influencers, contributors and experts.

Engage corporate alumni with a branded app and get insights from the web dashboard to identity the most active influencers

Lounjee features

Insights and analytics

Discover what what your alumni are looking for professionally. Generate list of profiles for any location/industry/motivation.


Segmentation and Targeting

Segment and target alumni audience based on their profiles (skills, interests, industries…). Target your events and communication.



Create sub-groups to manage efficiently your network. Our unique group infrastructure gives you all the flexibility you need (e.g. public vs private groups).



Send events in one click to any segment of your alumni based on their geolocation.



Reach out to alumni individually or through group chats. Send messages, emails, event invites or in-app notifications.


Up-to-date information

Each time members log in, we update contact information. You will have at your fingertips all the data you need for your activities.


Secure your data

We maintain the highest data protection standards (fully GDPR compliant). We implement two-factor authentication, firewalls and SSL to keep your data secure.


Fully branded app

Your brand is strengthened as alumni use the app. We validate your alumni as being genuine upon first install.


Seamless integration

We integrate seamlessly with existing CRM solutions. You can easily access all your data for use with other tools.



Our chat bots automatically keep alumni engaged. Our solution continuously adds relevant tags to each alumni to give you a powerful CRM tool without doing any work.


Trim HR costs

Increase the number of boomerang hires and easily find consultants for short-term contracts.


Generate B2B leads

Maintain a link with past employees – their new companies could become your best clients.


Create brand ambassadors

Attract top talent by leveraging past employees who serve as brand ambassadors for your company.

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